,[음악] A woman was picking fruit in the misty mountains. Then [음악] A prince on a white horse appeared. I was waiting for her.

I learned the language at once. The prince ran away due to her madness. Then, at the magnificent BGM and comments, to become the best beyond the first. Female warrior training rpg game fighter queen. It was a PT video.

I think I already know why I’m trying to do it with Sidi. The spoilers aren’t very happy with the pt results. It’s become a habit. What is it?

One of the team members got up with their belongings and came up to Ain and shouted. Just one word, a crazy sociopath of success who uses people as tools [음악] But the child rather laughed at her. I talked about it, but

It’s Sid’s first day at Grace Coffee, but I feel like eating the shell is not better than eating Korean beef with me, who is eating with me. .

No, Suzy, her friend and doctor for night care, was worried about Ain. Success is important to me. Then what are you? You use it as a tool for your own success. He gave him medicine and a word of warning.

Sujin added [음악] The kid who enters this house takes out alcohol and drinks first. Also, the team members who were having a dinner at the same time Eunjung is a copywriter who joined today.

Yes, let’s do our best in the future. She was curious about Ain. By the way, what kind of person is the manager, cd?

So, when Gossidi-nim starts something, the CDs in the industry tend to follow, so at this time, the story of a team member who left today comes up. person.

I like it. At that time, Ai threw down harsh words on the team members. People should do what they are good at, not what they like. He writes that he can become a hope to become, and coffee comes from another job. Ain who took out a line.

I suddenly remembered the words of this level, and it’s the end game. If you can, don’t eat. [음악] And the next day

I am the first to go to the office [박수] You are the first to come today [음악] A few hours later, I get a call from Sangmu Choi. [음악] Si-di Kwon, who was with Choi Sang-mu at the time, is extremely anxious. One-on-one, he said. But Choi Sang-mu said something meaningful. promised after a while.

After sitting down for lunch, the managing director brings up an unconventional story. As soon as he entered in a situation where he could lose his position as managing director with the advertiser, the manager who heard what he said later became suspicious.

It’s not a proper participle pitch, so now the external pt can’t manipulate the win or loss

But the child didn’t give up, and the pitch should win and think. [음악] Even if you win the pitch, tell your teammates

At the same time, Sidi Kwon’s team lost their motivation. On the other hand there is division. [음악] Ain’s team continues to work overtime. The work continued until dawn.

[음악] [박수] We didn’t miss the morning meeting. What time is our meeting? [음악] [웃음] At the moment, Eunjung leaves out one thing.

They ripped off everything and got angry. You have to look at the consumers, but who uses that technology, but it’s not a human after all.

After that, Ain goes out, and hey, Eunjung caught the child. Oh, CD-nim, I see the copy I threw away like that in front of Ain. Explain it.

He immediately expressed his opinion. look inside

For some reason, I ordered her to re-attach the copies she had ripped off. It was actually that day.

I promised to have a meal with Jaehoon, let’s have a meal. But it was a meal with a reason. I’ll tell you straight away. Perfect 3 conditions. As a marketing executive, I love advertising. [음악] It’s fierce, so why don’t we make it even more intense at our company? In response, the child made a provocative comment, and I thought that making advertisements was the most enjoyable thing to do while wearing clothes. He made me do the fun things I do without clothes today.

But soon after Ain saw the address, Jaehun accepted the refusal. You are very creative when it comes to refusal. And early that morning, I was trying to open the conference room where there was a CD item that I hadn’t seen at work, but at that time, the copy text that I could see through the crack in the door was attached to the CD. take everything you have

I wrote it down, but at this time, Choi Sang-mu, who happened to witness him, was diligent, illegal.

Actually, one thing Ain ordered after yesterday’s meeting was that the tape that I put on today’s door was dropped by Fonsidi, and that was what Line saw. But at that moment, Kwon Shil, who was elated, drew with this.

Try making it, Sidi-nim got sick Our team became work only when I moved. [음악]In the gap between 2:00 am, the financial wheel is my Hananee’s child, and all the team members are off work.

Soon after, the CEO and Choi Sang-moo came in to announce the start. Let’s start. Yes, we’ll do it first. Why is that?

I was immediately agitated. Someone tried to enter the conference room, but just in case

[음악] [음악] brought something completely different, and I had to make a good relationship with it [음악].

This is the communication of the future we think.

Maybe Choi Sang-mu’s attitude has changed. A team that came in the opposite direction can’t be together. I have the same idea. I decided on a carpet. [음악] The material is good. I chose it with care. Call the U.S. and Hanna come in now. Yes, I understand. . [음악] [음악]You have to climb up from the bottom to get excited because it’s like the rats. The person they’re talking about is none other than Aini.

What’s going on?

At this, Ai recalls her memories of the time she joined the company. A copywriter seems plausible. Like other employees, Ain had a hard time at the company. At that time, Ain saw Ain crying and cried. I advise you about

The kid put down the copy he had written all night and said, It’s a new copy. Read it to see if he has any talents and talk again.

I declare that I will buy dinner for the people in the company. We can go, too. [음악] An employee is asking Ain a question. [음악] [음악] The test question that came out at that time was to write the same second half of a novel that was published in a newspaper. Are you saying to write 100% the same? It was a blank slate even towards the end. Now, there are 5 minutes left.

At that moment, the child writes one line as if he thought of something and wins.

Are you giving up?

Continues next week [박수] After A-in comes home from dinner, the child picks up the medicine bottles on the table and throws them in the trash


After a while, the news of Ain’s promotion was featured in the media

I heard that Ain was a dirt spoon from a local university who was even interviewed in the newsroom. It’s not a dirt spoon. I’m giving you news. [음악] You came to Korea. You talked to the secretary’s office about going to work for an agency. No, but what did you do? What the woman showed me was an interview with Ain. I wonder if this kind of muddy spoon.

If you spread it all over as a face madam, the image of the company will improve and it will be easier for me to go to work. It is possible to talk to the chairman at the same time. now it’s solid [음악] Thank you. I received a phone call at that time. It was the agency representative who called Choi Sang-mu. You made the decision yourself, someone from inside. [음악]I would have recommended it and posted it. What does that matter?

Shall we have tea? [음악] Hand over the ideas to Kwan Shi-Din’s team, but even if Kwon Shi-Din’s team does, they’re all classified starting with the Production Headquarters. .

I’m going CD Kwon is being called by Choi Sang-mu. Sit down and hear the news of the president’s daughter, Hanna. .

Finally stepping on the land of the motherland again. Soon after, I boarded the flight back home. In this company, Ain, who became an executive, was looking around the office. Now I have a smile in charge. .

There was a basket of flowers. Promotion is just beginning. The child tried to contact Jaehoon, but the chief of staff came in and conveyed the chairman’s wishes. Congratulations. not sent

I don’t, but the managing director is a very special case, so I’ll try not to let my expectations go wrong. Fortunately, the chairman even gets a phone call, and it’s the chairman.

The group’s face is like that, but he’s less of a girl crush wearing a glass ceiling. He’s a chairman expert who has been wary of marines, so he’s better. As a model, I have high expectations.

Hang up And there was Hanna next to the chairman who turned off the phone. It’s not like a manager. When can I go to work? Wait until the day after tomorrow until the noisy things are sorted out. .

What do you mean, is that a job change that is equivalent to being laid off after one day? make a seat [음악]I’ll give it to you. The child is taken aback by his words. What is that? Accept everything the chief secretary said to her.

I’m looking forward to it

A girl with everything decorated like that is soon leaving the office and heading somewhere. She is heading to Choi Sang-mu’s office.

I replied boldly. Should I speak clearly? People make mistakes when excited Why was Choi Sang-mu mocking the child because he was so greedy?

Don’t try to follow

For no reason

The teared-up kid glared at Choi Sang-mu before leaving and returning to the office.

A child with sudden symptoms rushed through his bag, but there was no medicine, and this child came home in a hurry.

What are you looking for? [음악] I don’t run away

I don’t run away The house came back in such a mess But the anger didn’t stop and I highly recommended it Then don’t call it turbo properly.

Then, her crotch was torn and she broke the cup she was drinking in [음악] And the next day, a manager who was worried about Aini came to visit her. [음악] He even says that he will come forward and see it.

Ain who went to visit Jeong-seok, who was an old shooter, is regrettable. Jeong-seok asks him not to fight with Choi Sang-mu. [음악] It’s not a bad position, I just served as the head of the production division for one year. That’s enough success. Do you think you don’t know? Then, I got angry at Choi Sang-mu.

I threw up, but Jeong-seok says he can’t beat Choi Sang-mu, but anyway, you can’t beat Choi Sang-mu within the company, and the fight is you. [음악] I posted it. I have nothing to do with this advertisement for a long time. But I want to take a break like you. [음악] There are people who become even more vicious when defeated. Those seeds made history, and I’m going to try to make it. And also within the company. [음악] Yes, but

The late managing director asked me to get the personnel file for the production team. [음악] You bastard rats should be promoted. Afterwards, Ain, who carefully examines the documents received, calls the head of the inspection department into the office and says something as if he has made up his mind. give.

[음악] Unlike before, you show a fresh look. [음악] I’ll go now. Yes, the manager who was suddenly summoned raises the mood

[음악] and jumps down again while calling

Yes, manager.

What did the team members and advertisers say? You haven’t even seen the intran yet.

I hope we will start together

The young man went to visit the children and CDs of the delegation together. What are you doing now? [음악] Choi Sang-mu, who visits and argues with the HR director, if he handles the work like this without consulting me, but am I the one who works after receiving payment from HR manager? . [음악] Personnel Management Parang Production Headquarters oversees the personnel authority of the production team members Actually, Ain met personnel this morning and the Production Team Personnel Rights belong to the Production Headquarters, is that correct? I’m going to be creative.

Director, please proceed manually. Ain Sangmo, who demoted the CDs with such authority. In other words, I, the head of the production division, exercised the authority given to me. Is there any problem? By twisting the wrist of the company.

Do you receive hospitality at the room salon? The CDs ask for evidence. Is there evidence? Yes, do you have evidence? keep an eye on [박수] Since it’s only been for a year, I said something appealing to him when he noticed. Let’s assume that the rumors are correct and let’s say that after a year, he will become the CEO of a small agency. no.

While buying them drinks, Jang Gam-dong decided whether to be messy or work neatly with me. Then, the director sent the receipt directly to them. isn’t it

Custom Yes The child used the evidence to threaten the CDs and the company must have been charged, so can I send it to the audit team at the head office for breach of trust and fire you according to your favorite custom? ) . [웃음] The moment they were called out by Choi Sang-mu, everyone, Ah-in gave them a medicine. There is no free alcohol in the world. The hangover lasts longer than expected.

At the time when my secretary was cleaning up the garbage, there was a lot of garbage to be decided. That’s right, Ain talked to her as if he knew her identity. But Choi Sang-mu has already made up his mind. Up to me, I’m careful with the fallen leaves. [박수] I’ll leave if I make a big noise, so first of all, there is a Chinese branch in Kim’s University. The two of you should pack right away. [박수] [음악] I did Team members who were choking for nothing at that appearance But the group room was in a festive atmosphere, but I’m not cool.

Leaving a bed is not the attitude of an office worker, but that’s why I decided to eat with the planning team. After being tempted by the assistant manager and manager, I decided to participate in the dinner party. [박수] [음악] Go home and don’t catch Bakryeol because he’ll be killed in battle Okay okay But hold on a second Your mom called Eunjung at your son’s kindergarten They say they still fought in kindergarten but Eunjung’s son Ahjin is still fighting with his friend Where is your mom? no mom no no mom

[음악] Neither during the entertainment party nor during the gymnasium, Eunjung came in and shouted. Why is my son missing a mother? Walk like this adolescent middle schooler. [음악] I went into the house with such a sad expression. Someone made my dog’s face look like this. After that, Eun-jung came in and started talking to her, but she told me to talk to her mom and locked the door


In the midst of this, I found Eunjung at the dinner party, and everyone is looking for Copy. After that, when Eunjung was sitting there blankly, her husband came over and said something. You and I are still having a hard time. I guess that.

The words meant quitting work, but Eunjung’s road up until now was a waste. Deputy Manager Park comes out and asks what is going on with Hannah.

The thing that freaked me out was the number of followers on idols’ SNS

So Hanna came up with a prescription for a deadly drug.

Kin Hanna Everyone, I’m going to try a hidden camera today. What Hannah is trying to do is a hidden camera. I wonder if the conglomerate will lick the lid of the yogurt.

At that moment, the hidden camera was successful. You guys saw it. My dad, who owns a yogurt making company, also covered the lid. [음악]After goodbye, Hannah feels relieved. The weather is nice. Even if there is an accident, you can’t buy some notice. Hannah achieved her goal, while sales increased thanks to her hidden camera. % rose.

Influencer with great influence on SNS. Look at this too. So, the head of household also has expectations for Hannah. Since when does she start working at an agency, and she goes to work within a few days. We’re talking about it then. [음악]Just in time, he was called by Ain from a manager.

Not like that, no, all humans are like that, I know. The child continued the personnel evaluation according to his own standard. [음악] Next, the next day after the evaluation, wait.

It’s the most threatening thing when it’s in the scabbard. I took it out and hit the neck, but it’s fine. Then how are you going to control it after that? From line-in public recruitment. [음악] Are my words going to work for my subordinates? Will I be able to work properly with my children? I was sure of success, even if I persuaded all the executives, of course.

[음악] That would be difficult, but if the CEO refused, it couldn’t be possible. I was going to make an offer that I couldn’t refuse, so the payment went through.

Wait a minute, check it. You tried to call me, the child who appeared at the time to do something.

I don’t know where you are from, so this reason is useless. Does it make sense to do this for just that reason? Isn’t that what the company is like? It was. [음악] Everyone is from open recruitment, except for Mr. Finance, who was from an accounting firm.

I’m the CEO.

The executives’ meeting was held as intended.

Would you show loyalty? That’s the problem. Because it’s public recruitment, it’s someone’s line, so even if you do something that harms the company, you’ll be promoted. . [음악] So, because of the genealogy of the scandal, one department manager recently moved to a competitor because of the internal politics of the manager of the scandal. I criticized you. Don’t you know that you are getting fewer and fewer.

[음악] Is it true that you knew last time that vcd was sold out here? Can you explain more? I will. [음악] On the other hand, the office is spinning in a cluttered atmosphere due to personnel evaluation. Why is the atmosphere so sluggish?

You’ll find out soon, but what she hid was the resignation letter. It’s crazy. Why are you using the resignation letter? No, I didn’t worry about it for a day or two. My mother is the best, so I have no appetite. Look at this.

Now that I’m doing it, I’m already hungry, so I can only eat two bowls of rice. Instead, if I succeed, who will leave the company? [음악] There was not a single aunt who came forward to the child. My Choi Sang-mu, I will tell you in advance. If you want to stop me in the future, bet your seats. I agreed and I [음악] Agree, isn’t it clear?

It’s broken. Can you take responsibility for what you just said? Yes, Sang-mo Ko alone. .

Oppa’s bride-to-be got angry.

[음악] But I don’t particularly care about my grandfather and the founder of BC Group.

If you want to fight, then Chairman Kang is having a conversation with the future in-law, and when the atmosphere was good, he was summoned by the prosecution out of the blue.

It was embarrassing, this is it. There is a separate time and place for the execution of public affairs. [음악] Do you have it? I just got off work, and the secretary informed me that Ain had left it.

After being pissed off at Inement, Choi Sang-mu came and just left work.

So, the child was worried about the suspension of advertisements. If he is arrested at sea, all the advertisements he was going to proceed with will be completely stopped. I’ll go how

Should I do it? It’s difficult to increase sales by 50%. In the midst of this, Ain is headed to her friend Sujin’s hospital. Suzy is angry with Ain, who came to get her medicine.

Someone told me to forgive the woman who abandoned her child when she was 7 years old and to wait for the woman who abandoned her daughter when she was 7 years old. [음악] It was me, not my mother, but I didn’t let anyone approach me, but I was afraid of being abandoned or forgotten by people, so I was going to buy it for my only study.

Forgive me for you, then Ain woke up while taking medicine and you [음악] I also have it again I shed tears as I left the hospital So well And here, Eunjeong is upset. [음악] She was drinking. At that time, her husband came in and Eun-jung poured out her resentment towards him.

To be honest, I raised everything, me and my mom didn’t have anything to say about what my husband said.

It wasn’t easy for Eunjung to give up her dream. I was just walking backwards, but I was just running forward alone, and Eunjung, who dreamed so much, grabbed the son who was still upset.

Turn around

What she took out and showed me was that Director Cho Eun-jeong is applying for resignation due to personal circumstances. It was nothing but a letter of resignation. to bet. [음악]Let’s sell it Meanwhile, manager A-in, who asks manager Han for a list of promoted people, write a list of promoted people and send it to me.

It’s a mess. If I go to edit the cafe, it’s a copy that gets older. No, right now, since the position of Siri is vacant, I’ll fix it when the new seed comes. Boss, be patient.

The words came to my mind. If a movie is published by a director, advertisements are CD art, but who will listen to confirmed denials that CDs can’t be made? I went and will leave it as it is. The CEO understands the feelings of the children.

Having made a decision, Choi Sang-moon tells them how to do it. It’s not like there’s no way. Meanwhile, Ah-in, who was calling advertisers, is Go Ah-in.

Let’s try it later Oh, I’m in a meeting, so I’ll call you back. It seems like you’re intentionally avoiding it, but the moment you feel this situation, Jae-hoon calls you. You tried to call me right now.

Revealing it with herbs I came here cheaply because it was called Siot. It must be an old house. When I first started the company, this was the cafeteria. He said he came to visit Jaehoo and told him to cut down on advertisements. [음악] Choi Sang-mu, I suggest reducing the right marketing investment. So, I immediately called the managing director.

Where is the little lamb who came to God and asked to cut off his daily bread? All words and actions that deviate from common sense have a reason. .

The manager’s dissatisfaction exploded and it was broken. A resolution was presented and signed by the production team members.

This is the dismissal resolution of the managing director. What are you doing now? Ain talking. [음악]Everyone’s opinion seems to have been fully conveyed, so I didn’t hear it. It’s office hours, so I have to go to work.

It feels very precious. You work hard, so the child can’t control his anger. What is a person like? I can show you how scary it is. [음악] My wife is out. I’ll show you what’s really scary, so after this I take out the medicine again

I calmed down when I remembered what happened in the past, and it’s only one year since it’s the term of office of Goseong Moon, so it’s long.

At this time, the CEO called Ain out. The managing director and CEO asked me to meet him. Was this not in Ku Sang-moo’s plan?

While talking, do you know that? and turned internal dissatisfaction into enemies externally.

I wonder if I can handle it because it’s a justification.

I received a call from the manager Ain. Yes I will take it now. Yes, Eunjung talked to him. I hate it.

It’s hard to go to this company and it’s hard to resign. Think a little more.

I’m sure Ai won’t be dismissed, but from now on

I’m like this with Choi Sang-mu, but I’m not that stupid. That’s a different problem.

The dimension is different So I’m going to have someone from a different dimension clear things up. Ai was thinking of handing this over to someone else. I’m sharing with Mr. Hanna, I’m going to work from tomorrow. .

Choi Sang-mu, who was drinking comfortably while writing emails to advertisers, and Kang Han-na, who was dumber than I thought, would not be able to accept it. do.

Looking at the post, I check Hannah’s ability. When I finish

I saw it as an opportunity in the welcome text. And the next day, Hannah is thinking about more than just going to work.

Things aren’t here, then where are they? [음악] Let’s go like that from the beginning. I wonder if so?

[음악] What are you trying to do now? You said to cut down on advertising expenses. What did you do? I pay when I go to work.

Contact me right away Yes answer one straight Yes I understand And the e-mail Ain sent to the advertisers became big news for the employees as well. two jobs.

I refuse The request for submission by Monday after the work order on the first Friday is rejected. It’s been a long time since I’ve ordered a new TBC service. [음악] Advertiser’s personal work order rejection I sent an essay homework, so based on that, everything is neatly done. However, considering the relationship with the advertiser, it was something that shouldn’t be done. [음악] Nuclear bomb uh well Yongbieocheonga In response, Manager Han offered something. In our way, Mr. Director, reader. In the lobby after, preparations are in full swing for Hannah’s welcome.

Some of the executives were dissatisfied with the excessive reception. Okay. Shall we pop some champagne?

I can’t see the managing director here.

Let’s talk after it’s over. You won’t be like that when it’s over. [음악] Everyone pays attention to Hannah’s appearance, and at that moment, Eunjung exchanges signals with the assistant manager

and gives out a consent form to the employees around her

Of course, tell her mother-in-law to thank her. . [음악] This is our planning director. The ITmons got their autographs smoothly. Lastly, Ain and Hanna say hello.

Since you are a child who dares to provoke Hanna, ask questions and work.

Then, I was busy, so after a while, Hannah kept smiling and went into the office of the head of SNS, but the moment the door closed, her anger exploded [음악] [음악] and told her to cut the child right away


I get it, but I can’t cut it. Why can’t I cut people like that? To cut a child, Ain was the face of the current company, and Sangmo, an orphan, is now the face of the group. [음악] He said he was in charge of image and came out with a few articles. What kind of face is a crazy bitch like me? They say it’s a face madam to put on, but this.

As you know, Hannah’s husband, Manager Han, who is upset with Hannah, rode in the same elevator as Choi Sang-mu and Kwon Shi-ri, and you, the general manager, need to take care of the windows. This is the problem. I had to listen.

Even mutts recognize their owners, but this is why they show their teeth to anyone, but now I have to decide.

Think of the advertisement owner or Hannah’s mother-in-law slowly. I’m not saying you should answer right away. Choi Sang-moon shook Manager Han until the end.

When Ain is relaxed alone, he takes the fence and gets angry. If you can’t change your habit, get a cheaper one.

I couldn’t understand Hannah in particular. He blew such harsh words in front of the daughter of the world, and even wagging his tail to greet the person who would stick with Choi Sang-mu would not be enough. No need to go hunting.

I have to go a long way, but why do I need a tailgating crab? Hunting requires a hunting dog that shows its teeth. I have to tell you why I need it. The child planned to use Hanna. Sometimes, I give my father a chance, but I can’t. [음악] Absolutely, Deputy Director Park gave advice seriously, and if you want to succeed, don’t give your opponent room to disappoint. I remembered this then.

[음악] You just have to go to someone who can give you room for disappointment. [음악] To Gandalf, who knows everything. The Gandalf that Hannah talked about is [음악] My grandfather, who was near the chairman of BC Group. .

I came home already saying it was okay, so I came to ask my grandfather something. I knew he was a special person because he was a kid around who heard the story. [음악]It’s because there’s a reason why women can’t come up there in the company. I gave you a good drink and then you’ll never solve it. [음악] You can leave it to me, Annevin, if you can’t do it on my side, it’s bye bye forever. There shouldn’t be anything as serious as the owner being jealous. Dey.

Returning to the company like that, Hannah confirmed Ain’s personnel evaluation and said that he couldn’t be fired. I figured it out, but you’re doing it with legal authority, Grandpa. [음악] That’s right, what did you say?

I think it’s completely different. What are you talking about? because

Let’s hit manager Han without notice. Today, Eun-jung took out a letter of resignation. I want to get it from the temple too.

[음악] Don’t do it, are you even checking it carefully? Once again, it’s a difficult word in your personal life. [음악] Came in and finally gave Ain a letter of resignation. But when I was about to give it to Ain, he came with a resignation letter. CD. Surprisingly, there was a list of Eunjung’s CD promotion, and if so, she could never quit. [음악]I can’t help it if I quit I can’t help it.

No, don’t work hard. I don’t want to look like the kids who work hard while not being able to work, so just do well. Doing.

I don’t know, look, there’s no resignation letter in the morning. It’s true. But Eunjung couldn’t control her joy at the promotion.

Let’s eat.

This makes the mother-in-law suspicious. Today

in episode 4, she [음악] immediately called Eun-jung to her husband, and Hello, Eun-jung.

Husband and mother-in-law misunderstand Eun-jung’s appearance. It’s okay. What’s the point of resigning?

In the midst of this, Eun-jung is just happy

Eh, eat her hair and eat her whole heart later

So that she doesn’t say anything else, and at the same time, Ah-in who revises the interview question with meaningful words later.

I have to do it right. It was about making Hannah her vice president. [음악] I do, but while Ain is plotting another job, Choi Sang-moo is apologizing. I’ll apologize for the unexpected behavior of Shinlim Production Headquarters. Then the head of Production Headquarters, who is the party involved, has to come and apologize in person.

So what are you asking to see?

Will it be much better? I mentioned this salary and the case.

Because the kid biting is so famous, the team leader, the money he received from our company for one year last year is more than the total annual salary he received while working as a prosecutor for 25 years.

You have to pay for the boom. The team leader of Haram paid for the money. Now, isn’t it a civil servant with a guaranteed retirement age even if he doesn’t work as much as he was given? This is a company.

The head of the legal team also replies that he will do his best, but the result is good. You can work well, everyone knows. Chapter wants.

It was a job. That’s right, this is the driving force behind the Miracle on the Han River. They say that it moves from an egg only when it’s on top. [음악]There is so much garbage to be sorted out, that’s right. Even after talking to the secretary, the managing director, who is still lost in his thoughts, please let me know right away when you go to work. It’s crazy, what did I do with that treatment?

I’m watching Oh, why are you doing this? What Hannah really fell in love with was scribbling on Ain’s photos, my own way to relieve stress. Mr. Hanna has gone to work.

Yes, she cautiously brought it up, but there is something I want to tell you. I did it once, 2 years each.

It’s a contract job, so how about being a full-time employee at our company? I like it. .

It’s a bit hot tomorrow, let’s do it after a year, but I’m sorry, Mr. Secretary, who is in danger of being fired immediately after being caught by the child. I won’t report it to the manager. No.

Do it as usual so Choi Sang-mu is relieved. Chrome Prove that you are a useful person to me. With your abilities, and after a while, the child meets Hannah, and now you have to work. Hey, I’ve been doing it since yesterday. .

I’ve been studying a lot more than being interviewed by the media, so what should I do? Would you like to stay still or do something? So read the envelope Ain gave you and talk about it. That was Hannah’s interview questionnaire that she wrote yesterday. there.

Interview the window as I wrote. At this time, Deputy Manager Park is asking a question. I’m sorry. Please feel free to speak.

It’s a child. When the president’s daughter, the next vice-president who will lead the group’s tomorrow, mentions the next vice-president, Hanna’s brother, Hanna falls in love with her older brother, Vice-President Kang-su Kang, who is competing for the position of vice-president. .

Positively evaluating her appearance as a strong rival, she is paying attention to Vice President Kang Han-na. However, the message is good, but it feels like she is being used. It was, Mr.

What do you think, madam But Hannah was already imagining after the interview. I didn’t want it.

I absolutely don’t want to do anything that benefits that orphan, but that’s the choice fools make.

I suggest that you only think about calculating profit and loss. You only do jealousy that is not worth money when you are in a relationship, and with me, you only calculate profit and loss. Damn cosplay, but he instinctively knows what is being said to him.

Style In response, Hannah accepted the interview with Iniju

Okay, I will prepare. It was because of [음악] . I should welcome it. I plan to appeal to the executives that it was Ain’s arbitrary act. .

I want to make it visible. If I go to the lobby to meet you, affiliate marketing is my part if you come in from afar. to do it secretly

I instructed. You have to do the important work yourself. Quietly, this second volume CD hastily goes to your seat and makes a poster.

I did it. After a while, I finished the poster and asked for a printer. You can connect it to the second printer. The moment the team member looked at him suspiciously, what was going on? .

Why do you wear clothes like that? Actually, I heard her evaluation through a manager the night before. .

The reason for this is that I have better skills than anyone else, but I didn’t get a good evaluation at the advertiser’s meeting tomorrow. The reason is that the managing director knows well. Because of this, it is easy to work and annoying to kill.

I’m giving you advice, but I saw a news anchor. Ain then.

I announced the news of the CD appointment. It’s okay. You don’t have to answer. I’ll be assigned to the CD this time. The agency isn’t a model, you’ll do what you’re good at. do

. [음악]If it happens, something bad will happen. Of course, but at that moment, what are you doing after witnessing Kwon Sidi’s suspicious appearance?

It’s hard to be nice. After that, the cause was to notify Ain of the poster. Consid said he was putting this in the company lobby. Thankfully, he raised the needle. And Anna, who is interviewing reporters at the same time. I heard that you drove hard. Everyone said that the president’s daughter was going to work.

It’s a parachute, so eat it raw

Redevelopment comes to the company and says, “What do you have to do?” as if [음악] I’m interviewing, if you have the energy, Ain’s phone call at that time. You’re interviewing now. Ai asked the reporters to see him off.

Deputy Manager Park told Hannah about learning to be a reporter. Okay, I’ll send her off. Oh, it’s an honor. While Hannah and the reporters are moving, executives from affiliates also arrive at the company. How are you?

I had to take him away while beating him. Soon after, all the executives, Hannah and the reporters, stepped up and the child was looking down. Eyes on Hannah.

It was a comment, and you did a lot of work today. Please guide the reporters here. [음악] Greetings, greetings, and since you see the elder yourself, you are bright. There is an insane executive attacking advertisers while feeding them the last shot.

Hanna exploded. [음악] I’ll tell you directly. Is it possible to meet? Are you okay with time? [음악] [박수]In the current situation in which the chairman was arrested, the child became suspicious. President of the Subcutaneous Association.

He is from

. In particular, they say that the risk management side is the best in Korea. Looking at his resume, Executive Director Hwang’s choice is even more harmless. of. [음악] I saw the call. It was also Choi Sang-mu who received the call, and Hanna immediately questioned what Kwon Si-di had done.

Kwon Sidi seems to have already seen Choi Sang-mu, but some misunderstanding said that Choi Sang-mu ordered him to. You asked me to come and we had a meeting today.

Let’s have a next meeting. Then I’ll go. The aunt who escaped like that told the other executives that Hannah seemed to have ordered the email. What’s going on? I doubt that my brother did the work.

I’m in the middle of it. My brother ordered it. No Wife, I don’t even have a one-on-one meeting with the former vice president. Then, why did you have a bad feeling about me, so you made me do something like that? Yes, Choi Sang-mu, who made the decision.

He abandoned Si-di Kwon without any regrets, and this time was due to Si-di Kwon’s personal resentment for the previous greeting, so I asked him not to do anything stupid, but I understand, I cut Si-di Kwon right away. Mister, cut that.

I think I have roughly grasped the situation. Anyway, I sincerely apologize on behalf of the company when it caused a commotion. Next, the CEO is sorting out the situation, but he is getting a little angry.

Is that so?

I beg you, CEO. Can you buy some banana milk? Meanwhile, Hanna, who learned the truth through Deputy Manager Park, so the target fed me, and that’s not it. looks like

They all died. But at this time, the CEO told her to give her this. The CEO sent her banana milk.

He added a word to it.

Would you like to put it in? That was the same as the CEO did to Hannah when she was young.

Please tell me that you’re really grown up now and you don’t have to put straws in the future.

Talk about it, I guess, Seongmo, an orphan, noticed and dragged Hannah into the lobby. do. [음악] I made up my mind again. Choi Chang-soo asked me to flirt with him, so if we grow apart, I’ll give you everything. The words are inappropriate, but the meaning is appropriate. Shouldn’t I show you what suspenders are? I receive

We even noticed Choi Sang-mu’s intentions and warned him. Perhaps we are using it to keep the head of production in check. [음악] Even cold water has an up and down side Han Shin-nim knows, anyone please turn it off quickly Yes, yes, the moment the candles were blown, Eun-jung called Won-i, and there was one more time. This time I found a child. [음악] Why, I haven’t thought about it, but you don’t like sweets. .

On the way, I gave the secretary a piece of cake and it turned out. Oh, congratulations.

No, I heard that you are joining the Burdock group tomorrow. Then you will be leaking me today and looking at the data, so you don’t need a step.

It’s lonely. There shouldn’t be many CD’s. Of course, if something good happens, it’s up, if something bad happens, it’s down. People’s lives are like that. .

Since then, I’ve been worried about Ain. group.

I’m worried about the matter. No matter what message I deliver at this point, it will be negatively accepted. Then, I remembered a conversation I had with my senior, Jeong-sok, in the past. Negative issues that occurred in the company can be made with a positive message and covered up. Sid too.

You admit it No, why are you trying not to do this big advertiser that other people can’t do? Let’s say it’s a few expenses, it’s not enough.

2 billion 3 billion 50 billion characters.

But that wasn’t the main point. The important fact here is that water disappears anyway and dries up by itself.

Wait for the negative issues to disappear

You can plant a positive image with little money. Would you like to spend astronomical money to build such a messy company or spend money and create such a lovely corporate image? sure. [음악] You can spend as much money as you like, so if you ask me to cover negative issues. I couldn’t find the answer in my memory that day. [음악] It’s a little better

And there was an empty plate on the desk of the child who was leaving. At the same time, the chairman of Woowon Group was on fire.

It’s like, President, the current situation where no capital works, even with a bottle of jewelry, it’s not easy Chairman, the moment you appear in the media in a wheelchair, netizens ridicule me. ) .

Unless the world goes upside down, you can’t come out and the head of the business team is being ignored up and down. It’s annoying. I needed good.

Did you find a way? Right now, it’s not a situation where you have to find a way, but a situation where you have to create it. I don’t know. heard

It creates a message. That message can create a public opinion that will turn everything upside down. .

The chief of staff told Woo Won-kwon as a way to get revenge on him. Even Choi Sang-mu came to know Won-kwon. [음악] Ain prepares to go to Won the next day, when will you find salvation? say get in my car

The two who are in charge of Woo Won-kwon together are moving because of a hit. I will. [음악]Wake me up when I arrive But in fact, the child needed Choi Sang-mu’s help, and he needed Choi Sang-mu’s help to find out the advertiser’s intentions. Arrived while hiding the . [음악] Councilman I thought you would come in the same car at that time. It’s been a long time, senior. A senior who advised Ain in the past appears.

[음악] I participated in Uwon Kwon Do not advertise now. [음악] Are you saying that the agency should do it on its own without a briefing? Yes, that’s right. Negative public opinion may be formed through this Gearpia.

It would be, but we will not hold the agency accountable for that part. Accordingly, Executive Director Hwang clearly presented the conditions. In addition, if a useful message does not come out, the promised billing will be used to increase the existing advertising volume. I will give it to the agency that proposed it. From the perspective of the agency, it can be viewed positively. [음악] I removed the risk, but it’s always just that I don’t have enough time, so it’s not a rule, how many days? I’ll give you a week. Yes, the deadline is only a week. .

I informed a manager about the meeting, but he received the advertiser’s brief. No, no. Meanwhile, Ain thinks about the meeting with Empress Muai once again.

Hello, the fact that you only have a week to do it means that it’s not a leisurely situation to test your skills, but Hannah here is trying to test it. advice test.

To be precise, it was a test to find out who was on my side, as advised by a neighbor, and I just had to entrust a task that could never be solved right now. Ain, who said he would join hands with the person who won, and the person who succeeded in taking advantage of Choi Sangmu. [음악]I was thinking of joining hands

It was an agency that tells the story of people who live a war-like life to stand at the top. Following the introduction of the last 3 and 4 episodes, today I introduced the contents of the agency’s five-six stories. and intensifying competition and within it.

The chemistry between the characters that arises makes us look forward to the future content. As the conflict escalates, comic scenes bursting out once in a while, passion for dreams, and tears are added to make the story richer. It is a cider drama at the same time because of the rich storyline as more episodes are added. [음악] It seems to add charm to realism dramas depicting intense daily life. Then, I introduced a drama agency that can be seen on the JTBC channel every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm, and I will leave.

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