, There is a girl who is making something hard in the school laboratory where no one else is here. But then [음악] When she sees the dogs and cats living around the school, this girl smiles eerily. What is this girl’s plan?

What is it? anyone can see

Seeing the tough-looking box, Young-ju opened it, unable to hide her nervous expression, and there [박수] Kyung-hee, who was working hard at making something in the lab yesterday, was welcoming Young-ju. He was a perfect kid with a pretty face and a good head.

But one day something happens that stimulates the girl’s curiosity. It is Kyung-hee and her friends who discover that a family of stray cats that the theater club students liked so much were burnt and brutally killed. Unlike these exploding friends, Kyung-hee took this case from a high level.

I began to calmly examine each and every one of them and was worried about what to do because there was no one to feed the cat. That night, when everyone went home after school, he secretly hid and confirmed that no one was there.

The culprit who viciously attacked the cat puts something through the makgeolli, and the culprit of the cat incident, the security guard, unknowingly drank the makgeolli and passed out shockingly.

Just a few days after the girlfriend, this scary boy was looking at something he didn’t like because the cats were irresistibly killed and the guard tried to kill him, but he still survived.

What are you saying, of course, to Kyung-hee’s words? [음악] In the end, it was a caliber that was completely buried socially. I think it’s gross she. [음악]As the team leader of Team B, with hope at this time when the prospects of the current team are at stake, but how do I do this with the team leader and me? Na Jae-in.

My name is Kim Min-kyu, and I recently received recognition. It’s not important, she committed suicide after hearing the circumstances of the case.

You’re asking me to make it for you. I accurately understood Na Jae-hee’s needs. Then I had to do it. In the end, Go-gyeong, who was in charge of the investigation, said that he would give his junior Kyung-sul as a driver, but he could drive. This is a game of its own that has never seen its face. [음악] I entrusted my friend with a part-time job as a driver. So, of course, I was dumbfounded during the day, and I didn’t have any tadpoles in response to Na Jae-hee’s resistance. .

It wasn’t Santa. I’m getting tired while working as a caregiver, so please solve the transaction that I’m playing games.

First, they start secretly investigating Yoon Jae-young, the wife of Kim Min-kyu, who died in the insurance case, but he is suspicious.

At this time of the inspection, Kyung-gyeong and Santa face a native detective in Tongyeong. So, unlike the detective who says it’s not a big deal, the sight-seeing person who has transformed into a prospective resident of Tongyeong in earnest is different from the detective who says it’s not a big deal. one. [음악] I started talking about the incident excitedly, and from this time on, it was the spectators and Santa who smelled something suspicious. The caliber in the case is the same factory people.

It’s suspicious that there’s no line, but the gracious work was carried out in earnest

I stared at Yoon Jae-young’s gaps, but I’m fine. . [음악] She asked for an investigation during the day about the case, but died instantly in an accident. While listening to the Hyochang Bio case, she said that she would hear a clue that it was Kim Min-gyu. Kyeong-gyeong, who was looking at the clues.

There was a guy who chose the most suspicious place, entered, and wore only sunglasses under a mask until he left, and there he succeeded in meeting a woman who witnessed a strange customer

A crazy guy who was a strangely dog-like figure.

But the strange thing is that the time when this dog-like guy appeared was the same date as when Kim Min-gyu’s phone was suddenly turned on, and what did it happen before? A corpse came up quickly, but it was actually Ga-ah from the boat. [음악] There was a rumor that people who dine out died because they were doing odd jobs. Would you like to buy flour cookies? Finally, the most suspicious item of evidence.

He succeeded in securing a radio, so he narrowed down the investigation little by little

Finally, the spectator who found Min-gyu Kim’s real life, but Min-gyu Kim saw a sign and hurriedly headed somewhere, as if he was preparing for an occasion like this. Where. [음악] Upon arriving, Kim Min-gyu, despite his reluctance, tried to hide himself by going in for a while. But then, with a roar, the warehouse Kim Min-gyu entered was trapped in a pile of dirt. What caliber to do and how much.

Later, when I was able to open the door a little bit, I immediately called Min-gyu Kim through the crack in the door, but Min-gyu Kim was already dead. There was a certain woman and the true identity of this woman.

I was going to kill her, but she felt sorry for her poor handling of her work in the past. Lastly, she is the wife of Jang Seong-wu, a high school drama teacher, and came to see if anyone saw anything.

Song Yi-kyung was watching Min-kyu Kim who died in a trap he had made and Kyung-kyung Kyeong-gi, who tried to save Min-gyu Kim, in real time. . [음악] Anyway

After completing the most important plan, Lee Kyung-hee finally exploded the lodging where Kim Min-gyu was staying

and felt the joy of completing a rewarding day today.

Won-gun What exactly is this guy? Looking at a car or a house, he seems to have some kind of wealth, but strangely, he doesn’t see his parents. Instead, he seems to have a very good relationship with his aunt. The woman I saw in [음악] I just remembered that she was the wife of a high school drama teacher and a police officer of the caliber that she had investigated.

In the end, I started to try again from the Hyochang Bio case before the Kim Min-gyu incident. The CCTV of a child who died on the boat during the company dinner was broken. Now even in the backup of Caliber.

[음악] I was re-investigating the Hyochang Bio case, but the waiter named 2nd Anniversary, who died at a party on board, was unusually someone I could connect with [음악] But strangely, even with the name of 2nd Anniversary [음악] Kyeong-gyeong is Yoon Jae-hyung’s weakness.

If I attack and go to the police like this, the insurance money will be dangerous. Do you think you can kill a guy like that?

Suddenly, I got a call. I succeeded in getting even closer to the truth.

It’s cheap even if you kill him so that you don’t feel guilty. I wanted to kill him, so he died as you wished. I uploaded it.

In any case, Gyung-gyeong ponders the painful past as well as the situation of the suspects or victims of the Hyochang bio incident in his head, and he thinks about the culprit with a mystical side while he is a suspect, and Lee Kyung-hee, the mysterious suspect he is chasing. [음악] She was currently doing her job very passionately, and the children who were burned by her passion. I started collecting them one by one, and then Lee Kyung-hee. [음악] The two appeared and self-strength each other, but Lee Kyung-hee also had a backup team. on their own.

We hear that Seong-wu Jang, a theater teacher, took his own life. However, Gun-wook, not paying attention to her reaction, casually says something creepy to our witness, but she did a bad thing.

I feel bad And the reason Gun-wook hates being a police officer is because he was from a juvenile detention center and was the center of the Hyochang Bio case, Jun-young, and a youth detention center. Yes, anyway, Gun-wook destroyed the evidence in the Han River. [음악] The next day, Kyung-hee also began to slowly investigate Kyung-hee’s whereabouts, and had to kill people with difficulty, but he waited for someone like a senior to appear as a witness and then executed it.

But at this time, when everyone was avoiding Kyeong-gyeong returning home that night, a taxi driver obediently gave Kyeong-gyeong a ride without refusing to board.

Suspicious people forcibly take them somewhere. Why is the destination a public bath? About.

Yonggokjeom was treated as an accidental death because I don’t think anyone did it. So you ask like a murder case? suggested.

How can you trust the police? I don’t want the police to know. I think this killer only killed these people.

Anyway, lastly, Kyeong-gyeong, so he was Yonggukjang, who warned him to be careful of k. But that’s how Yonggukjang said he was just a director of the Blue Children’s Foundation, and then suddenly disappeared.

[음악] Na Jae-hee and Kyung-soo, who couldn’t deal with it properly, were gradually caught on the clock, but at this time, Gyung-ki shouldn’t suddenly appear, but they become their relief pitcher. Show it with your body like this. There was an accident at Hando Elementary School.

The parents of the children were injured and could not be contacted. The team was trying to investigate the last suspicious case that they couldn’t contact because they couldn’t hear them. It was Jeongyeon. That’s why I had to meet her.

Investigator Kyung-yi Jeong-hyeon, who was working as an anti-life insurance planner by chance, heard news like a thunderbolt when Lee Kyung-hee was receiving psychological counseling, and went straight to the scene of the problem. It’s been a while. with Lee Kyung-hee. [음악] And when Lee Kyung-hee saw that her aunt was being bullied by Kyung-hee, it was an insurance scam. It’s a testimony, right?

Since there are no documents, I wondered if Jung-hyeon could get out of the crisis with Lee Kyung-hee’s support, but if the insured did not fulfill his obligation to notify, the insurance company could forcibly cancel the insurance. got hit by one.

Lee Kyung-eun, please do so in the future so that this will not happen again from now on. The company’s position will be. But why is it me?

Did you usually get to know the janitor well? Greetings because he was at school. But at this time, there was a reason I couldn’t help but remember Lee Kyung-yi in Kyeong-gyeong. It’s because I said it was.

And just like what Kyeong-hee said, Lee Kyung-hee started fighting head-to-head with the suffocating Kyeong-gyeong at this time. It was Lee Kyung, the teacher.

You must have become comfortable [음악] Meanwhile, how did Rajane, who can be seen as a reliable backup for Kyung-hee Lee, who was hit by Kyung-hee Lee, courageously heard the news that the theater was supporting them? go to

It seemed that he was determined to make his role clear. I am the team leader, and I wish my team was clear. Don’t keep your back straight, Mrs. Chu, who chewed yesterday like this.

She was an unknown woman. Anyway, maybe because there is a British director, the investigation team B, which looks like a hell to others,

contact me for a very secret project secretly.

It started

So, it was the sincere guard of this project [박수] No, but why is he here again?

Why are you being commissioned instead of dead? Team members you know and don’t know gather together to track down the criminal you don’t know. [음악] I was released Actually, it was simpler than I thought. I used the Iranian title very cost-effectively.

In the end, with the help of Gun-wook, Kyeong-i or k, who found out that the target hadn’t come to their senses yet and was preparing for the same thing, when Gun-wook laid the board, they grew it very well on the board. There are so many other people who help k, but these are the true identity of k.

Knowing nothing can be said to be the point of the drama. Anyway, Kyung-hee, who used the target’s secret chat room to lay bait, was wandering around the target [음악] who was actively committing a close-knit crime at a college festival a few days later. And unlike this wonder of the Great Peace.

K’s helpers were busy, thanks for their quest.

In the end, it was a pleasure to look at it. [음악] A hidden camera victim on the target came out of nowhere, and at a very bad timing, it was also perfectly hit by the crime of wonder.

I see Kane, who had thoroughly erased his presence without consulting Gun-wook, who he worked with, has made his presence known to the people of Korea for a very futile reason. [음악] [음악] The person who wants death becomes a suspect. [음악] And what about this momentum? from.

One clue was obtained, but K’s helper also went to a loyalist temple.

Guri, who gave stories or advice to the victimized female college student, said that at most the deepest wound was 4.2cm, and that vital part was avoided, and who was that person? He was the one who thought of me, but how can I betray him?

What would you do if you were a police teacher? I found a very familiar picture. It was the sight of discovering the confidence or respect of the past. And with my hands, I’ll get caught someday. don’t betray me

People and at that time, I don’t know why, but Mr. Santa, who worked the hardest in the group, ended up facing k while leaving work late at night alone, and in the evening with an animal sense, it’s just because of the smell of garbage. [음악] Santa, who felt that she did kale,

didn’t succeed in catching kale with his untiring hybrid heart. of the caliber that began to weed out the identity of k. [음악] The gang

[음악] Are you ignoring it? They fight each other over it. And surprisingly, with this one animation, it was a sight to start narrowing down the personal details of k. And at that time, Santa with a hybrid heart appeared. [음악] It was Kyungsoo, who no longer believes in Korea that K was infiltrated and that their base was robbed. It’s a woman. A woman’s brand flashed in my mind.

Go-Goo went straight to Kyung-Gye, the owner of the balm he didn’t really want to find. That’s how the subtle psychological warfare of the two geniuses began once again, and Jeong-hee continued to confuse Go-Goo with his own Kim Han-sul. Die, die. Do you do it? Why? [음악] She only acts so well in front of a pit. Anyway, Kyung-hee, who managed to escape from Kyeong-hee’s pressure investigation, finally recognized Kyeong-hee as her rival and started attacking her. in your own way.

As soon as I started using Kyeong-gi, who started laying a board to find out the target of Olga Man-k and such Kay, this guy’s suspicion became too deep, and he was Kyeong-gi, who thoroughly managed, starting with the people close to him. Her self-esteem is also hurt by Guri’s dogma. [음악] It was a sad day, but what is it? Watching this.

I was most curious about the identity of the theater. Anyway, on the promised day when the long-awaited event was to happen, K, who had been expecting such an obvious trick by the spectators at the museum station and the team of spectators who had everything fully prepared, was something amazing. With the feeling of ordering the operation, I saw through the aggro of Kyeong-gyeong.

After making Bu-kyung

foolish, Ko-kyung targeted her colleagues whom Kyeong-hee cherished the most

In the end, Kyeong-kyung, who fell into a desperate crisis due to k’s trap, became a victim of teammates K’s, no, Kyung-hee’s them. of.

Can I protect my teammates? So far, the viewing was up to episode 4. It was an interesting drama to watch in dramas. In Korea, a similar worldview once exploded. [음악] Having enemies is the killing point. If you watch all of this drama, you’ll know roughly what I’m talking about. Anyway, for reference, I’m a YouTuber who tries not to include my political leanings as much as possible in my videos. When I’m interested in politics, when I’m losing the game. Anyway, the characterization of the characters in this work was so strong that actress Lee Young-ae considered appearing in the first place.

That didn’t look bad, and I have to say that this is the world view of the work from the middle to the latter half, but anyway, that kind of rice cake is starting to unravel. . [음악] As the secret is revealed little by little, I agree to some extent and that’s why I think the work was more fun. Anyway, the work itself didn’t become a big topic, but I hope these works continue to come out. I think I can say that I felt it.

your end [음악]

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