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[뉴스엔 황혜진 기자] JYP Entertainment announced its official position regarding the ‘debt debt’ (alleged non-payment of debt) complaint by Nayeon, a member of its group Twice.

JYP said to Newsen on September 19, “The ruling has already been finalized and concluded, so we have nothing to say because it has nothing to do with the artist’s entertainment activities.”

He added, “However, in the future, we will take firm legal action against any cases that defame or insult artists through speculative posts.”

According to the legal community on this day, the 13th Civil Affairs Division of the Seoul Eastern District Court filed a lawsuit against Nayeon's mother and Nayeon for a loan amount of 600 million won in January last year by Mr. A, the former lover of Nayeon's mother, but lost.

According to the ruling, Mr. A transferred approximately 535.9 million won to Nayeon from 2004 to 2016. The court acknowledged that Mr. A had transferred more than 500 million won to Nayeon over a period of about 12 years, and that Nayeon had received money in the form of monthly rent, loans, tuition, and communication expenses. However, it was ruled that there was insufficient evidence to recognize this as a loan with a legal obligation to repay.

Mr. A is known to have claimed that Nayeon, who was a singer trainee, promised to repay the money after her debut, but Nayeon did not keep her promise. Mr. A did not appeal after losing in the first trial.

Nayeon debuted in the music industry as a member of Twice in October 2015.

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