[OSEN=사진팀] Actor Byun Hee-bong's funeral was set up in room 17 of the funeral hall at Samsung Seoul Hospital on the 18th. He was previously diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was declared cured after a battle with the disease, but the cancer recurred and he passed away after a battle with the disease. The funeral will be held on the 20th, and the burial site is known to be the Dharma Temple enshrinement in Heukseok-dong, Seoul. 2023.09.18 /photo@osen.co.kr[사진]Provided by agency

[OSEN=김보라 기자] Actor Byun Hee-bong (Byun In-cheol), who said he would work hard until the day he died, passed away on the 18th, causing sadness, and working on a movie together with the deceased. CEO Kim Tae-wan expressed his deep condolences.

CEO Kim Tae-wan, who leads the production company Lewis Pictures, received rave reviews for completing films such as ‘The Host’ and ‘Okja’ with actor Byun Hee-bong.

Kim Tae-wan, CEO of Lewis Pictures, told OSEN on the 18th, “I will never forget Mr. Byun Hee-bong’s passion on set,” and added, “I still vividly remember seeing him at the set of ‘The Host’ and ‘Okja.’” . CEO Kim worked at Cheongeoram, the production company behind ‘The Host’, and ‘Okja’ was co-produced by Lewis Pictures with Kate Street Picture Company and Plan B Entertainment of the United States.

[OSEN=이동해 기자] On the 14th, a press conference for the movie 'Okja' was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Gwanghwamun, Seoul. Actor Byun Hee-bong is attending and delivering a greeting. / eastsea@osen.co.kr

Byun Hee-bong appeared in director Bong Joon-ho's films 'The Dog of Flanders' (2000), 'Memories of Murder' (2003), 'The Host' (2006), and 'Okja' (2017). His acting skills were proven by domestic and international audiences.

He received the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards for 'The Host' and was awarded the Eungwan Order of Cultural Merit, the most prestigious government award, in 2020 in recognition of his contribution to various fields of popular culture.

In ‘Okja’, Byun Hee-bong played the role of Joo Hee-bong, a village villager who takes care of his granddaughter Mija and raises the super pig Okja. The film entered the competition section of the 70th Cannes International Film Festival, and Byun Hee-bong had the honor of standing shoulder to shoulder on the red carpet with co-stars Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Seo-Hyun Ahn, and Steven Yeun.

[OSEN=박준형 기자] The 11th Korea Popular Culture and Arts Awards ceremony was held at the Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University in Hoegi-dong, Seoul on the 29th. The '2020 Korea Popular Culture and Arts Awards' awards ceremony, hosted by actor Jang Dong-yoon and former announcer Jang Ye-won, was opened by former SISTAR member Hyorin. A performance will be presented, and pianist Jin Jin-ra and singer John Park will collaborate on the drama OST 'Every Day, Every Moment'. Next, Seventeen, Na Ha-eun, JYJ's Kim Jun-su, and guitarist Jeong Seong-ha will take the stage. The '2020 Korea Popular Culture and Arts Awards' will be broadcast live online through the Naver V app starting at 6 p.m. on this day and will be aired on SBS MTV at 6 p.m. on November 1. It will be recorded and broadcast. Actor Byun Hee-bong, who received the Silver Crown Order of Cultural Merit, is giving his thoughts. / soul1014@osen.co.kr

CEO Kim Tae-wan then prayed for the soul of the deceased, saying, “I will never forget the teacher who was passionate even in a simple field for the rest of my life.”

At the same time, he recalled a moment of gratitude for the deceased, saying, “In particular, when I asked him to appear in director Hong Ui-jeong’s short film ‘Habitat’ before his debut, he willingly came forward to support the dreams of a person whose name and face I did not know.” .

Born in 1942, the deceased worked as a theater actor and debuted as a voice actor in the 2nd public recruitment of MBC in 1966.

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He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer during a health checkup in 2018 ahead of his appearance in the drama 'Mr. Sunshine'. According to the bereaved family, he devoted himself to treatment and was completely cured, but recently relapsed and his condition worsened rapidly.

Byun Hee-bong’s funeral was set up in room 17 of the funeral hall at Samsung Seoul Hospital. The funeral will be held on the 20th, and the burial site will be at the Seoul Memorial Park-Dharma Temple Enshrinement Hall in Heukseok-dong.

Meanwhile, Lewis Pictures produces the films 'Sleep' (2023), 'Goodbye, See You Tomorrow' (2023), 'Without a Sound' (2020), 'Inrang' (2018), 'Habitat' (2018), and 'Okja'. ', 'Sea Fog' (2014), etc.

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