, Caption: There are so many difference between China and New Zealand One of them is the ethnic diversity. You can find people from all over the world In America, there’s a lot of focus on what you have. I find myself not buying stuff I absolutely don’t need it’s the focus on what’s important. Think we found a really awesome environment that allows us a very special lifestyle. Access to a lot of things we didn’t have in South Africa like beautiful beaches and the ocean.

Our time in the UK, we felt just very stressed very pressured all the time and it wasn’t just about work It’s quite a pressured environment and here just feels free Compared to Ireland, our house was freezing. Really damp and it’s something I wish I’d been warned about before I moved here I’ve had to pay a lot more money, but it’s worth it to have an insulated double-glazed house My friends and family. Some of them are like Joy, you know, it’s lovely to see your journey but can you stop uploading photos now, the weather back home in England is awful. I think I still feel like I’m in holiday mode and the lifestyles literally been made.

I do miss the European culture old buildings, old architecture. It’s always a long way from you to go somewhere, to see something When I looked at sort of what the Maori people have at a Marae, I they have that whole family thing and they look out for each other. In our Western sort of culture, we’re very individualistic The best thing I’ve been here is the type the three of us get as a family compared to the time again in the UK sort of.

Completely changed our way of life.

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