, In the quiet subway at rush hour, the voice of the truth lady on the phone breaks the peace. I have to listen to [__] Yes, but why do I have to listen to the circumstances of the aunt and her child? .

She was a child who couldn’t say anything even when she was harmed. The teacher said, but now she can’t stand injustice. She has changed into a human being. Is it okay, can I report it?

You can’t just live with being hurt. And you’ve become a judge. You’re the judge. Thank you for your hard work. Shall we go, Professor Oh Han? Let’s not be afraid of such trivial people.

You are the judge. I would have known.

Reading class Actually, there is a reason I remember crying clearly when I put it on. Hey, don’t look at me.

He completely ignores women. Yes, the woman who fell in love with that pronunciation was Oreum. It’s my first love after 12 years. Let’s start going to work. [음악] The thing that Oreum did on the way to work was heating up the Internet. And from the first day, I heard the manager yelling at me. I think.

You have to work hard to become a woman-like woman I went straight to the judge who was close to me in response to unusual injustice. I ask you, are you the source of information for the party members? [음악] I’m a judge who is called an informed person. I can hear Manager Han’s screams all the way. It’s because Seung-jil is like fire.

He recognized that Barun’s general manager was a judge who spoke harsh words to anyone without hesitation, and then whoever guarded the organization was in big trouble. After a while, barely.

I got accepted. The university is also from the most rare high school in our company. You said you can survive here only if you don’t stand out. There’s nothing to worry about what the manager said earlier.

It’s not easy for a person who stands out to endure. If the intention is good or bad, if it causes a crowd as a result, it doesn’t protect it. Okay, I thought it was a better organization than that, but see you tomorrow. tiring. [음악] You said it was an organization. The shape is Oreum.

Somehow, I felt sorry for her. [음악] I think it’s in the court organization law, but the manager seems to hate it so I’ll quickly change into more modest clothes and come back. You’re right.

It’s okay if women give up their flesh obscenely. Opinions on Oreum are divided.

Even if you do your best in modern times, there are cases where you can’t help it. Still, a person died, but you’re not being too harsh. You fought according to the rules and lost. Judge Lim seems to only hear the screaming of the weak as tantrums, but I still.

I don’t know anything, but at least if the person drowning in the gutter and the person standing on the ground are fighting, I’m going to struggle to get the person drowning in the gutter first. are giving

Actually, who is the judge who was scolded for being protected after talking about an appeal to grandma last night? If you have any complaints, you should file an appeal. I was sympathetic to the appeal. [음악] The same son came back as a cold death. Is this a proper explanation? Actually, Oreum became a judge to change the court.

You don’t know what you’re here for. Everyone on the outside knows it, but I guess you became a judge because you wanted to change this place.

You put it on yourself. It symbolizes the mission entrusted by the judiciary by the people, the sovereign people. Keep in mind, I understand it, chief. [음악] People who appeal with tears are bad, but

Crying sympathized with their appeal too deeply.

Yes, I thought it would have been fine if I just paid it back, but I didn’t have any money at the end of the month, so I starved for two days.

As it progresses, the crying that reveals that you are acquainted with the lawyer Further, please come forward You pointed out the mistake of your remarks to her who does not know anything yet. . [음악] Residents fighting love for time and space I couldn’t manage the expression of the trial today. This is not a theater. This is a courthouse. Now that I’m wearing that outfit, I’m not Park Cha Oreum, I’m a Korean judge. But Oreum, unlike him, wanted to be a human judge. It must be the judge who just looks down with an expressionless expression.

It won’t be anything like that. Each and every case seems like it’s my job. I’ll treat it like it’s my job. The judge won’t last long anyway. Trials are basically someone else’s business. It’s no different from my executive officer Yoon, and I hope you upload it a little earlier as a judge.

I hope it’s good. The work of the working-level officers is also increasing on Oreum, which is still full of motivation. The trial the day before.

Oreum carefully checks the case on my mind I already reviewed last night I paid all the money I can’t help it if there is not enough evidence It’s the evidence of a trial It’s cold-hearted but I didn’t write the contract properly and didn’t get the IOU back properly Going out to the gas safe doing. Like

it’s your own fault Barun and Oreum’s opinions were divided again. If you have this, you have to believe it. [음악] Isn’t that so, then you have to be sure from the principle that if there is no evidence, you will lose unconditionally. If there are many exceptions, people will never change. But that’s not our case. Yes, one person.

The protesting grandmother case. I found the record of the case that has already ended in the appeal for lack of evidence. looked into the mere talk for a long time.

The chief chief intervened in the Joseon synthesis, and on top of that, he liked that he found a hole in someone else’s case, not ours. Yes, I understand. At that time, the thing I was worried about after putting it on will explode.

If this is the case, we can’t work.

I can’t go that far. Even if it’s hard, shouldn’t I do it if I have to do it?

I have to go home like that with my 12-year-old child, so I don’t take medicine, so I’m really not breathing and I’m just working. Please let me breathe.

While checking the records, there was something I wanted to confirm. To be honest, the other person seems to be an experienced loan shark, but I wondered if an old woman who knew nothing was being treated unfairly, so I called. The young woman judge must be my distant relative. can’t even give

Okay, so Oreum keenly felt that he was just a newbie full of enthusiasm

So Bowang tried to change the atmosphere.

As expected, the smile always rises a little. It’s not that we’re overexerting ourselves. What are we? What can we do? At this time, when Oreum had a nosebleed, Barni got angry.

I pay, I got off work at what time yesterday, around 3:30. No way, I worked until dawn this week. Judge Park, why are you so reckless? together.

It’s putting an end to the Japanese and Korean judges. I told you to do it. There is a judgment to be delivered by tomorrow. Inheritance shares.

There is only calculation left, but if you run the calculation program, you can do it in 30 minutes, so I’m going too. I’m not a child who needs protection. I’ll do what I do. Thanks to Bareun, Oreum went to work in good condition and quickly took a break.

To undo the wrong, I went to the investigator and gave him a present Evidence. get to know

But ah, this is it. Calculating real estate inheritance shares for several generations. Did you become a judge to do this kind of thing? It will take two days. Oh, my teeth are already shaking just looking at this.

Oreum’s feet, which must have calculated all night instead of Oreum, came to know the other side of him, who always went to the ice field. Habibu works as a team. Don’t sound like a child. , the plaintiff is having a meal with his middle school son. [음악] Isn’t this evidence that Dai woman is good at cheating and cheating? If you look at it, you can see the scars on your face.

I don’t. From what I’ve seen, the accused boss was rather damaged after the incident and was in a state of claiming damages. Looking at it, there is a story that the defendant also sued the plaintiff. I’m going to sue you for damages. This money isn’t the problem.

The judge in charge of the mediation of the case is Oreum. They agree, but it is more expensive. But the plaintiff doesn’t have enough evidence, so why did you file a lawsuit?

You’re mistaken Well, but the crying in the heart of the plaintiff’s last words is in the end

I won’t mediate the case. Manager, I will adjust.

I told them to drink and sent them both back. What the hell are you talking about? Is it our job to compromise moderately? compared to the extent of damage.

It’s because of the plaintiff’s excessive response. Compared to that, it’s a case of overreacting to the point of being irrational. If I do

Would you like to serve one serving of meat? She left right away. Please tell me once again why you did not include your son in the plaintiff while filing a lawsuit. I asked about my son. Where was your son? It was very difficult.

How surprised you must have been when the hot plate fell towards your son. At that time, no middle school student or grown-up son wasn’t returning. the child

He is a sick child. Even though politics grows, his heart remains as a child. That’s all.

Due to the incident that day, the plaintiff’s son developed a great fear of fire and was eventually bullied because he was dirty.

My eyes turned upside down, so I minimized it. [음악] I think it’s going to happen. Bareun finally came to understand the path Oreum was pursuing. The plaintiff took the lawsuit without any conditions.

Another trial held a few days later. It was just a mistake. The manager’s sexual harassment was too obvious to be a mistake. It stood out.

You should also consider the characteristics. I haven’t touched anyone, and our society these days is a bit harsher only on men. .

I’m not the kind of person who does it in an applied way. To be honest, it’s not that popular because it’s a style that doesn’t have a lot of housekeeping. It made me think.

For a worker, dismissal is a death sentence. Should you keep running on the highway even for a truck driver who habitually drinks and drives? We need to see if another punishment is more appropriate. Based.

Of course it is, but the precedent standard is not the specific victim, but the reasonable victim standard. A normal and average person in the same situation as the other person would have felt when they were subjected to such an act. A safe, normal and average male judgment at that time I’ll do it for you. King Bo comes in and sets up the case. [웃음]I checked, but he couldn’t understand a man who was driven by instinct like the chief of the case. You know, there are men like me. I really don’t understand.

[음악] But why do you look at it like that at this time? The distance between reason and ability seems to me to be only 10 cm. I had no choice but to be on the wrong budget. Wait a minute. [음악] Wait a minute, you guys, you guys seem to be misunderstanding something, but that’s not it I can’t see it on the record. It’s disgusting.

[음악] And the company people who blamed the intern who was sexually harassed said that the intern seemed a little sensitive to everything.

I’m even cheering for you. In fact, I’ve heard that there are many opinions from the company’s leadership that dismissal is a bit excessive, but I’m in no position to say anything about the company’s policy. Also, the company that was sued by the manager for invalidation of dismissal has no motivation to win a trial. I saw that there is no document that is not available.

It’s absurd The way of the trial I’m thinking I have no questions No Insufficient evidence and consistent testimony of witnesses Are the witnesses as they are written in their statements?

In the end, the director’s lawyer asks for the conclusion of the argument, so please conclude the conclusion. I was looking at it suspiciously. At that time, I feel very uncomfortable.

If you’re curious, you want to look back on the game. The company that didn’t want to cut the manager has been looking for him since he was fired. If I had to be fired because I didn’t want to be fired. [음악] In order to show it to someone, Doyeon brought up the story of the cosmetics advertisement of the Pigo company at this time, and these days, when you turn on the TV, the work is caught in the cosmetics advertisement defendant, and no, if it is a cosmetics company, of course, it will care about female consumers, and sexual violence in each field on social media Disclosure is an issue.

Captures the company’s intentions at once. It’s noisy, so I’m going to cry and eat mustard. I ordered the dismissal first, and in the case of the dismissal trade confirmation lawsuit, I deliberately responded with a jealous mind, and in the midst of this, Bohwang completely fell in love with Doyeon’s coolness. How did you know about these things?

Now that I knew it was someone else’s business, now I have to find out that the manager’s dismissal was justified. I decided to call again.

Why don’t we call the female employees again ex officio? It’s a bit awkward to call all the witnesses again. How about calling just one? I gave the same answer as in the previous newspaper.

Have you ever seen the victim suffer? Have you ever felt awkward dealing with the manager? Well, in particular, was there any difference between the manager dealing with the other women and the victim?

You’ve seen the contents and photos. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll show you.

Judge, how do you read that? In the witness statement. To the question, “Are the text messages sent by the manager on the Internet just a joke that you usually make lightly?”, you answered yes, so I asked you to read it lightly. Witnesses getting more and more bowed Witnesses have also worked as interns before officially entering the company.

The victim is the closest in age and has the same experience as an intern, and the victim must have felt the most sympathy with the witness. because of whom.

I don’t know if it hurts your heart the most, but Oreum tells her that the testimony can be overturned. Don’t get it wrong because anyone can make mistakes.

If you fix it, you will be forgiven. If it’s not too late. That’s right. Other departments said they envied the 1st team for the family atmosphere. I didn’t feel or shake it.

Didn’t the same woman, the deputy manager, also testify that she just lightly laughed at the plaintiff’s jokes? I couldn’t. You have to do it in moderation.

Appropriately, there’s something I said when I came to the company last week. You have to testify well to keep the manager alive. .

This is a text the plaintiff sent me at that time. During a karaoke dinner, he rescued me from singing blues, and I will avoid other people’s rooms, kick my ass, and file a complaint even now.

But at this time, it’s compulsory molestation by filing a complaint.

Why do you keep asking me to keep my husband’s job somehow? Her shocking revelation causes a courtroom fight

And the final verdict is handed down shortly after.

There is a saying that dismissal is death for office workers. The pain suffered by their families is also serious, but the pain suffered by victims of sexual harassment is by no means light. You can never put a person who commits a crime in the same workplace as a caring person. Besides, you can’t weigh the pain of the perpetrator and the pain of the victim on the same scale.

None No matter how you measure it, the membership for the plaintiff is justified. The environment is judged. The plaintiff’s claim is dismissed. Do not.

Im Pa-seon-nim, you’re going to study civil affairs later. Well, just in the 49th minute, Judge Hong Eun-ji called me personally.

Isn’t that right? People live here too, so you have to cut it. According to my experience, research groups are a waste of time. I know you’re very individualistic, but I know you’re very individualistic. Do you want to go with me? And.

After a while, a common groom appears in front of the elevator. [음악]Why are you preventing me from getting down? [음악] Is there anyone who really needs to ask a question? He never backed down, especially when it came to the law. Among the announcements, foreign theories on leasing and auctions and precedents are our social problems.

[음악] [음악] Solving it doesn’t help much because of Korea’s unique tax system. It was a question that exactly matched my opinion. ) . [음악]Male predominance female older sister It’s very difficult, it’s bearable. While on my honeymoon, I heard that they kept saying that they couldn’t make a ruling. You’re so famous.

[박수] [음악] It’s shocking and frightening, but it’s just what Judge Lim said at the time, stealing the opinions of distant juniors.

It’s completely different. And the minister took a completely different path. Then, what is our manager Han’s path? Thank you and I’m sorry. [음악]I chose the path of the most fearsome judge in the world. A judge who gave up on his career. Anyway, Oreum couldn’t stand to see Seong, who stole the opinions of his juniors. Don’t let it pass like this. How about talking to the head of department first.

You’re a reasonable person. If the judge doesn’t raise an issue, I’ll raise an issue. Eat it and at least have some of this. I’m sorry. I’m not feeling well.

Actually, Judge Hong was pregnant

But I still couldn’t tell the director of the pregnancy. I’m getting married in a little while after going on vacation.

She was pregnant and went on maternity leave. She couldn’t fight. Because of the words she heard then, she had to focus only on work. In addition, the head of the department has been obsessed with performance to the point of being excessive these days. In the eyes of the judge, this is the most reasonable line. Please, the parties do not intend to mediate.

Please make a verdict. Are you ignoring the judge’s announcement like this and asking for a verdict? Shall we make a verdict according to the law? I lost

I’m already off work, manager, it’s 12:00 at night. You know you can see the court building from my house. Let’s work hard. I can’t even think of doing it. I’ll raise an issue too. Don’t do that. [음악]I want to, but I feel guilty. Meanwhile, Bal, who went to the senior manager for stealing his opinion, actually has something to hear. It happened during the last working-level research meeting. raise an issue

I’d like to, but I’m good at what I lack in voice disorders. People also need a lifetime of sincerity and motivation to achieve achievement.

Strong people There should be hope for such people. Rather, I’m telling you what I said that raised a problem. Our society is still dominated by old wills and recognition. Being is more important, so don’t be impatient, even if it’s a little unfair.

That, too, will pass And I’ll tell you one thing I’m worried about. It was clearly a reason for punishment.

In the spirit of genuine help, the law under Article 5, Paragraph 2 of the Code of Ethics for Judges does not involve in the legal disputes of others and does not act to influence the judgment of other judges. You must not do this as Judge Park’s behavior may be a reason for disciplinary action.

Yes, in the end, I decided to just leave the matter of stealing my opinions. design.

That sounds fresh, let’s stop talking about grandiose things. However, Oreum is currently very angry about Judge Hong’s work, and the more serious problem now is Judge Hong Eun-ji.

If it doesn’t work, what should I do? Well, if it doesn’t work, I’ll have to turn the courtroom. It’s a collective action. I’d do anything to stop being treated inhumanely.

I would.

I’ve told you several times to write this more carefully and in more detail. Today, too, I’m playing Judge Hong, who was hurt by Director Seong’s words.

and fortunately crying appears and catches the home judge.

He ended up losing the child in his stomach

So, Oreum tried to write a court order right away, but he was immediately caught and stopped by the manager. .

Judge miscarried. Of course, I’m working hard, so I must have been considerate. Of course, what kind of person am I? [박수] He’s got a face, he’s a bit slow, but he promotes everything just because it’s an incident, but why should a guy like me work hard? Unknowingly, that friend must have been very weak.

I should be able to know that she was pregnant. I don’t tell the manager, but to be honest, young judges these days, among them female judges, are so different, even though they’re different from ours. . [음악] [박수] [음악]On the other hand, Bal-eun is blocking Oreum’s way to get her signature. Meanwhile, a customer, a driver, and a customer who visited Hong Pan-sa, who was admitted to the hospital, came to visit. It’s late. .

I really didn’t know. If I’m not feeling well, I have to tell him that I’m in trouble. If I don’t tell him, how does the manager know? I couldn’t bear to tell the manager, so to the manager. [음악] Why don’t you give me condition? It’s just a problem. It’s more painful than anything else in the world. Get out of here right away. Did that sound come this far? [음악] Sir, go back right now, manager. What is this? Wake up.

Reading comprehension

Hey, the atmosphere has completely changed. Oh Bae-seok, whom I went with, is now spending money here and there. At this rate, the convening meeting could have been canceled. that.

There’s no option, so it just came out now Hey, the date and time notice came up. It’s 4 o’clock on the 13th. I’m doing the witness newspaper for a while. It’s time. You can wear it like that every day.

[음악] I’m so good at rowing that I can’t even say anything from above. .

Of course, he is from the administrative department, and that kind of person would do something like this. Hello, manager. Please read this once.

I must have judged hastily, I saw a friend who deserved a job. Even the floating article judges.

The key instigator of this incident is known as a side judge with a coat who recently became famous on the Internet with the nickname Miss Hammurab. In addition, Oreum even included an article about her involvement in other court cases. This sparked an incident. [음악]They reviewed it and even talked about hiring a lawyer. If it becomes a problem, you should take responsibility.

To be honest, my position is also very difficult now. Bowang gets into a fight with Barun, so it’s hard to be loved by everyone. [음악] Don’t be so sarcastic with the pacifist Jeong Kwang, I don’t want to fight with anyone

After that, Oreum was called by the chief manager. So this is a bit serious, but it’s not an intervention. [음악] Senior manager, I just listened to the story of an old woman who was incapable of getting help from a lawyer and gave some advice. Isn’t the act of attending clearly instigating collective action?

There are grounds without grounds Chief Manager, there are many people who collapse on the act of selling the detailed circumstances to the judge of the text directly.

However, the number of people is very short, and it is very short. In the end, the meeting ends without being able to open. There is, but he left the chairman a while ago and is not here. I know this.

Doyeon sent it to the conference room Not so bad A man fits his ass What are you doing if you are pretty? Why are you hesitant? yes

Shall we lose according to the rules? Then

A manager comes in and sits down, and soon after, the chief judges come in. Among the directors of the child court, even the judges who were busy and ignored them attended.

However, we still haven’t reached a majority, and it seems that we still lack more than 20 people. If we want to become a majority, then, director, I’ll wrap it up with this.

Please give me a chance to speak for a moment. If you have any good opinions, please tell me. [음악] I like his turtle neck because he’s been looking at records all his life, and I like his tadpole belly, which lacks exercise. Most of all, I like the manager who has been on trial for over 20 years and thinks of each case as a person. I hope you like her sincerity.

The young opinion resonated with everyone. That’s why I really hate this structure where such great managers are chased by case handling. I didn’t start the meeting because I was a little short of it, but I already have this many.

People explained the difficult steps We can withdraw with a smile Thank you because so many people have already taken the first step together [음악] The atmosphere at the court has changed quite a bit since that day.

No matter how much you say grandma, what should I call you? Sister, it’s nice to hear.

I didn’t know what was going on. Because, but.

The trial is bloody as always. There is privacy and the right to be tried. A case in which a lawsuit was filed to be erased. [음악]It’s just a picture of my childhood in my early twenties. What’s the reason for asking for that picture to be deleted? Wouldn’t it be freedom? Let’s stop here for today. File a lawsuit.

[음악] Like a model of a successful person, a member of the National Assembly has lived a perfect life so far. But a person who is a forced member is an interesting person. After disliking the Judicial Research and Training Institute, he went to Harvard Law School to study. In the background of the success of the business.

The test of his wife’s family, who is a family man, also played a big role. It’s a great story. Where is this?

After that, I started investigating the member of the National Assembly, but this is a mask in his late 40s, and it is much better as if he was possessed.

I don’t know, but the manager asked me to make adjustments and he asked me to find out what the person really was. It’s not an easy thing to say, right? to delete one page. There is none other than

Judge, I don’t know exactly why you want to delete the photo, so I decided to ask you directly. There is a record of being arrested while doing a student movement, and about my beliefs at the time. [음악] It has been revealed through books and interviews, and it has been requested to delete the photo without clear argument. You have to assert that you are being infringed upon. I don’t want the photo to be released any more.

It has already been delivered, and the pronunciation is making a decision. Could the lawyer Vigochik avoid the seat for a moment? You filed a lawsuit even though you didn’t have one.

It is difficult to refute the defendant’s logic with a vague invasion of privacy. Even the plaintiff must be aware of the legal launch. And what was there was a woman’s face, is it your wife? No, but the judge has already seen it.

Someone with

Although I’ve only seen it in one picture, she was the first love of the deceased Congressman. I’ve kept that picture deep in my desk drawer. So you’re having a hard time seeing this picture, but I’m the one who filed this suit. It’s not because of

It’s because of the person at the end of the picture. The reason he sued was because of his wife. It’s my wife. was judged terminally ill and had no hope.

I’m sorry

[음악] The congressman witnessed my wife crying when she saw the picture. She knew very well whose face I couldn’t forget. Afterwards, he realized his duty to forget his first love for her sake and filed a lawsuit against me. to be forgotten

This is not a lawsuit about rights. It is about second-quality obligations. I fully understand the plaintiff’s position. I will try to convince the defendant once. Please think of it as a complaint. Thank you for your hard work.

I’ll take it today. I agree with the saying that Oreum is a past to be forgotten. Why did you file a lawsuit for that case?

It’s all judge’s quick talk. Suddenly, you want to know the circumstances of Oreum. Why do you want to know?

His confession of falling in love again with his first love, whom he met after 12 years, would have produced a pink result. At the time, it received a hot response and became a hot topic.

I gathered it It came out very realistic and detailed. Also, the first judge’s passion and passion.

The mistakes made by

looked like common social newbies, so they sympathized, and the judges, who had to find coolness between reason and principles, struggled to achieve results, were similar to other office workers. But in many ways, the lives of other judges.

Introducing Miss Hammurabi, the drama I drew.

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