, Hardly wounded iron window Here is a man who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for murder. [μŒμ•…] [λ°•μˆ˜] The murdered man is a politician, a man who claims to be the culprit based on honesty and sharing. He is a respected professor at the National Police University and the best profile in Korea. The market that was tempted. [λ°•μˆ˜] He was the father of Yui, his lover and figure. It was difficult for anyone to understand that a genius professor in South Korea’s 1% crime psychology left obvious clues. Yui couldn’t accept the reality that her boyfriend had murdered her father. didn’t have

All that came back was a cold reply. Where the hell did the pieces of this mysterious case come from? Many celebrities attended.

[μŒμ•…] I took charge of this case. Two of them stand out. Prosecutor Cha Seung-jae, who was assigned to the case. Check out who the prosecutor is in charge. She knows something about this death.

It seemed like there was. That’s how Seung-min’s prison sentence was on the first day

The room he enters is the room of Lee Seong-soo, the worst criminal who was sentenced to life imprisonment and reigns as king in the notification prison.

What would you do? In fact, Seung-min bribed him before entering the prison [μŒμ•…] and offered a huge amount of money

to protect his life in prison. [μŒμ•…] Suddenly, the prison guards who lock the iron window, Professor Han Seung-min, pull out a weapon and start aiming for Seung-min’s life. [μŒμ•…] [λ°•μˆ˜] He likes to play with fire, and even plays with fire in broad daylight. He manages to save his life. The money is deposited.

[μŒμ•…] Do you know anything about Da-dong? And I think it was made to protect someone other than Ha Seung-min’s confinement who asks about the secret area in the prison. The first puzzle there was impressively good-looking.

[λ°•μˆ˜] There is one man. It looks like a prisoner’s solitary cell, but in fact it was a hiding place to protect someone. Do you know what the income number is? In order to


He was imprisoned in prison for his own sake. [μŒμ•…]And Kang Dae-ho, who drank the water, was poisoned in an instant

Meanwhile, Yui is convinced that Seung-min was involved in the poisoning. .

It’s clearly a trick [μŒμ•…] And to Seung-min, why did you kill Kang Dae-hoon?

There was once, and the professor taught it, but Uee remembered the method. At that time, Jung-ah, who learned of Kang Dae-hun’s death, said that she was dead. [μŒμ•…] Meanwhile, Yui is from Han Seung-min’s house, from Professor Han’s house. I’m sure the culprit is Professor Han. We’re moving as planned in Korea right now. It is a difficult place to get into.

How far did Seung-min’s plan go? father

It takes place at the Chairman’s Mountains and Rivers. The Chairman wants to secretly donate all of his enormous wealth to charity

Then, he brutally murders the approaching male chairman, and Yui witnesses this terrible sight [μŒμ•…] himself. .

There is no way to open the door easily to someone you don’t know if you are a stranger to the criminal victim. The dispatched advisor on this case once again faces Seung-min, who was a professor at the police academy. It is not a hand gesture or gesture that comes out. Hong-min Yoo. [μŒμ•…] Mayor Yoo Hong-min’s alibi is also certain. It could be done to someone often. Our chief mayor’s line is very sensitive. I have something to say. [μŒμ•…] It was a very fleeting moment, but Mayor Lee Yong-min instigated it. Seeing the mayor’s smile, Seungri pointed to the mayor as the culprit. Heung-min Yoo’s younger brother. The delivery of Yoo Hong-min, the second son who did not appear, goes to visit his younger brother, Yoo Hong-soo, a gangster.

However, we have never said that we stabbed with a knife. Yoo Hong-soo was caught in an instant, and we first moved in the direction of the hotel at 7:02 to get a clear clue. A mysterious man who went in and out.

And at that time, the organization that came to kill Park Dong-ho, the only witness to this incident, the moment Park Dong-woo, who was being chased, was about to be caught, don’t move, Seung-min and his party appear and save his life.

Don’t be nervous. Why did you bring the bouquet to the hotel? And Park Dong-ho, who was trembling with fear, finally met him.

As if I had informed you in advance, let’s have Yoo Yong-soo, who has been waiting for the police, and immediately made a decision that the market police, who announced their position, are investigating the fruit. escape death.

On the other hand, the gang members once again target Dong-ho, who is with the detective. [λ°•μˆ˜] And again, Kang Dae-hoon, who died in Seung-min prison for killing Yoo Hong-min and is currently imprisoned, and Gae-an, who was chasing Park Dong-ho, both had the same camel tattoo. Yui, do it tomorrow.

And still, we are going to take care of Seung-min’s life.

On the other hand, Jung-ah Park, who is heading automatically, goes to prisoner number 1669 and

plans to kill Seung-min Han again. [λ°•μˆ˜] I did but it won’t be easy this time too It won’t be easy this time because he fought well and even the warden suffered. It wasn’t easy for Seung-bin to survive here. At the moment his life was in danger, Seung-min saved his life by throwing his security card towards Seong-soo Lee. Meanwhile, he kidnapped his grandfather in the past.

Yui, who was investigating the case, was attacked by a gangster in broad daylight. All three of them committed suicide, and they were all found dead. sentenced to release after serving a sentence of acquittal.

It will be done and he will be released in 32nd place. Now there are 31 days left. And the next day, kill the warden Han Seung-min, who calls Lee Seong-su. He is offered the condition of parole with Han Seung-min’s life as collateral. don’t you have

[μŒμ•…] Do as I say. Meanwhile, women are heading to one place, and this is also happening on the land of my father in heaven. A mysterious ceremony is being performed. I was doing [μŒμ•…] But he came because of So-yeon. This mysterious organization is suspicious of Yoo-in, while investigating the residents of the apartment, hey, he finds a book with a camel pattern on it. also.

You hear about the identity of the apartment from other residents, and you know Mayor Hong-Min Yoo, who died a while ago. They say there is no reason.

Is it religion?

His face is very damaged. Seungri is here because of the actor in this case. He confesses everything and asks for help. He does not hesitate to threaten or murder those who stand in his way. still.

The mysterious organization that slowly emerges is a pseudo-religious group called Ingyo, and its influence extends higher and wider than expected, including Mayor Hong-Min Yoo and Camel Munya, a symbol of religion. I have no desire to, and on the other hand, I accepted the warden’s proposal.

Lee Seong-soo is good. Participate in Han Seung-min’s murder.

There are only a few days left, but what kind of request did Seung-min Sojung, who had planned this whole situation meticulously, ask for? get over the hump

He was obsessed with a strong desire for revenge

The reason Seung-min decided to take revenge was related to the death of his younger sister two years ago. I did research about it.

In-gyo actually killed his younger sister by faking it as an accident to cover it up. Yeon-joo had a child, and Min-jae, who was engaged to her sister, lost everything for a moment and decided to take revenge on In-gyo for her sister and wife. It was something that Kwon-nim knew, and so did I. [μŒμ•…] I want to hide everything, but it’s a religion called Ingyo. The mark is a camel, and Yui is slowly digging into the reality of Ingyo. My father and his father were the second-in-command of the pseudo-religious cult.

I didn’t intend to go, but I was looking ahead to the number of Han Seung-min who predicted even this. devil. [μŒμ•…] [μŒμ•…] Perhaps he was more than that. . [μŒμ•…] Team leader, you see this for yourself. Meanwhile, one person who asked Yui for help, my boyfriend was executed by them, and they say the stolen money and information are Ingyo’s criminal records. She hands them all over to Yui

Her man The friend was killed by In-gyo while looking for his missing girlfriend.

And In-gyo threatens everyone around Seung-min, and I know who he is. [μŒμ•…] I have to come back A situation where I have to approach Dasa-dong within 15 minutes

I’m making a waterway in the wall through a gap

I had no choice but to come back. Meanwhile, In-kyo revealed his true identity to the media.

I don’t know if I should kill all of Yui. Park Jung-ah eventually can’t hold back her anger and goes again. She threatens Min-jae and kidnaps her [μŒμ•…] Tortures Min-jae to get information. I found out that it was Minjae. [μŒμ•…] Actually, he tried to blackmail the mayor to get evidence, but Min-jae’s anger led him to commit murder, and Seung-min became the law to live instead.

It’s getting more and more interesting.

Jeong-hwa receives the phone call from Min-jae, so why did Seung-min, who had been harassing us so much, start to be shaken strongly [μŒμ•…] Min-jae, who is eventually killed by Jeong-hwa

Seung-min is uncontrollably furious to. [μŒμ•…] Captured and working in Ingyo. Let’s go. And Jeong-ah, who even takes Yui away. This is how we meet our Seong-hyeon. Proceed as you said, now remaining.

The only hope was Seung-min in prison. That’s right. That’s right. [μŒμ•…] It was Detective Bae Seong-pil who asked for help. There is a pseudo-religion. Seungri is listening with a warning not to trust anyone. He hands me a note with his ID. [μŒμ•…] Park Jung-ah obsessed with Han Seung-min, asking what to do, was a true psychopath. The time when Seung-min’s life is in danger.

Don’t go any further. The prison warden who is being held hostage by Seung-min saves his life. Meanwhile, Yui wakes up to see the secretary covered in blood and thinks one piece is missing. I know it’s only a matter of time before it seeps in. [μŒμ•…] There will be data on Yui, who has become a suspect. I can take responsibility for everything.

[μŒμ•…] Reminds me of Seung-min’s advice that humanitarianism is spreading even within the police force. [λ°•μˆ˜] Meanwhile, where is the prison warden where his wife was kidnapped? A professor made a special request and asked her to take good care of her. I couldn’t hide it.

During that time, the only people who entered Baek Soo-jin’s house were Yu-gyeong and Yoo Yong-soo, but Kyung-hee’s fingerprints were found on the weapon found at the scene. also go in . [μŒμ•…] Before the incident, he said he used the rooftop even by giving money to the security guards. And on that rooftop, traces of going down to Baek Su-jin’s house were found. . [μŒμ•…] On the other hand, after reading additional data in Seongpil, Seungmin finds out that the roots of the in-laws within the police are Detective Gibbon Ho. Take out all of the case.

I don’t remember Fano who destroyed all the puzzles and why he joined Ingyo. Without you, in fact, Pano’s wife died a terrible death many years ago. everything that is encouraging.

Do you regret it? how much to [μŒμ•…] It was important, so I asked if my family was slandering me, but In-gyo acknowledged and embraced me and thought of me as precious. In front of the huge religion called In-gyo, neither my family nor my colleagues were useless.

Investigating Prosecutor Ingyo Detective Bae Seong-pil Investigating the above case Ho-young Han’s belief wall The intensity of the pain is gradually getting stronger How can all possibilities be increased?

What did you just say? Meanwhile, Pano runs away after answering the phone, and sees Seongpil’s corpse coldly found. . [μŒμ•…] Seongpil discovered the camel-shaped bible, which is the absolute symbol of Ingyo, but I know that too.

He was the true second-in-command of Ingyo, who couldn’t even move Jeong-hwa, who wielded absolute power in Ingyo. He gave me the file data. However, from the prosecutor’s office to the center of power. [μŒμ•…] There was always Ingyo. In the meantime, the car.

Prosecutor, please confiscate and search the Ilshin Foundation and Manbok Liquor at the same time. We are starting to devise a grand plan to uproot In-gyo. This is what you guys did. Why the hell don’t you guys change? [μŒμ•…] This is what the young lady did herself in the ruthless killing of Inkai. What did you talk about when you contacted me?

Hyung knew it, and Seungmin realized the seriousness of the situation. situation that does not. [μŒμ•…] There were so many immediate variables. If the wall doesn’t collapse, it will collapse. It’s an interval of seconds.

[μŒμ•…] I calculated my steps and ran to my destination for about 120m, but something moved behind Kasa-dong. Seungmin entered.

Beyond the bottle, Seung-min’s last target, Park Hyeon, was the only one left.

[μŒμ•…] And what happened 10 hours before Seungmin moved. [μŒμ•…]No matter what friends you have, they will slip away again I found proof of innocence. Carpenter asks you to stop the plan, but your plan will not come true. Why are you sitting here, boss?

To sit down, Subi ridicules Long Pano, clearly imprinting the vertical relationship between the brothers.

The person who is trying to kill the leader of Ingyo On the other hand, Seungri, who has overcome a major crisis, is making a phone call somewhere. The cult leader is in a lot of excitement, not knowing that this might happen.

Are you worried? there isn’t [μŒμ•…] We are investigating serial murders and extravagant cases committed in the population. It’s okay at all. hey uncle

It was Park Hyeon, the head of the church, finally meeting the head of the church, but somehow these two people seem to be old friends. In fact, from a long time ago, Yui was raised as a saint only to play the role of a saint. that’s it [μŒμ•…] You’re just a horny and nasty old man. Numerous apartment women in the foundation were actually dedicated to him. Thanks to Lee Sung-soo.

It succeeds in creating a chaotic atmosphere. The prison is literally chaos. [μŒμ•…] It’s not a big deal. Emergency arrest with

Starts to rob all the crimes of the foundation, and the fact of the great crimes that have been buried with money and power so far is revealed.

Seungmin points a gun at Parkhyun at the end of bloodshed You can’t kill me And Yui recorded all of this The Ilsim Foundation and Manbok liquor confiscation will be over by now Please allow me to punish them legally Those bastards give me fodder I heard that the deposit won’t be possible because they are bastards. [μŒμ•…] I think it’s the same, but she changes her attitude and does as the woman tells her to do, right? Suddenly, she starts begging for her life. Jung-a, who has been brainwashed deep inside her bones, shows a frightening madness. It’s only because of these people.

Don’t tear it straight. Please, it was the wave of guilt that shot the leader right away.

Ingyo incident was erased as quickly and secretly as possible.

End their own lives. Kim Min-jae, Dae Seong-pil, and Uee judge In-gyo according to the law, as they promised to Seung-min. win the war

characteristic Uee comes to Seungmin in front of Seungmin after he is released from prison. ) . [μŒμ•…] I thought peace was about to come, but

I decided to take over what I was doing. [μŒμ•…] There is only one truth, but they are scattered like a puzzle. The story ends with the birth of a new religious leader and the piecing together of the unsolved cases left behind by In-gyo.

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